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Our history

In the center of the Rioja town of Fuenmayor, more than four decades ago, our winery, known as Dominio de Nobleza, was born, a name that appeals to our oldest roots.

Winery where the dedication and work of a family merge with the traditions, customs and culture of the region, without forgetting the contemporary nuances of current oenology.

Throughout generations, we have been providing the required effort to offer you our best varieties of wine.

In our winery we dedicate the greatest effort to the care of our vineyards, trying to maximize all their characteristics in order to obtain wines that keep the imprint of their soil, their climate and the native varieties of the place: Tempranillo, Maturana Tinta and Viura.

Subsequently, the rigorous selection of our grapes and an artisan elaboration are the basis of our work, thus being able to offer highly structured and high-quality wines.

Vendimia Seleccionada Dominio de Nobleza La Rioja
Vinos Dominio de Nobleza
Pasion Dominio de Nobleza
dedication and care

Passion for the vineyard

For generations, a passion for the vineyard has been an integral part of our family at Dominio de Nobleza. We carefully care for each fruit and each harvest to guarantee the best quality in our wines.

This dedication is transmitted from generation to generation, and it is the legacy that our grandparents left us.

Our careful winemaking is a sign of the love and respect we have for the winemaking tradition and our land.

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Dominio de Nobleza

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