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We understand wine as the fusion of family traditions, regional customs and contemporary oenology.

We dedicate the greatest effort to caring for our vineyards, trying to maximize all their characteristics in order to obtain wines that keep the imprint of their soil, their climate and the Tempranillo variety.

Subsequently, the production process, temperature control and pump-over begins.

For aging, we choose French Allier oak, renewing it periodically to guarantee the maximum contribution of qualities.

Finally, we let the wines rest and clarify by decanting, with successive racking, before bottling. Thus being able to offer highly structured and high quality wines.

Crianza Dominio de Nobleza La Rioja
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Our history

Our wine cellar, known as Dominio de Nobleza, was established 4 decades ago in the very centre of the Riojan town of Fuenmayor. A wine cellar where dedication and the family work are fused with the traditions, customs and culture of the region, not forgetting the contemporary features of the modern aenology.

Passion for the vineyard

Dominio de Nobleza Winery


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We send our boxes of wine quickly and safely throughout Spain in 24/72 hours.
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(Denomination of Origin Qualified) Guarantee of quality and excellence in winemaking. Experience the richness and flavor in every sip.



Passion for the vineyard. We carefully care for each fruit and each harvest to guarantee the best quality in our wines.

Our shipments

We take care of every detail

At Dominio de Nobleza, we take shipping our wines very seriously. Every detail counts, from the engraved wooden boxes to the soft paper that wraps each bottle. Our shipments include cardboard boxes to protect the precious broth. If you prefer an engraved wooden box for three or six carefully selected wines, you can add it to the cart to provide a unique experience.

We make sure that you receive your wines with the same care and dedication with which we make them!

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